I have been reading a lot lately about the EB-5 Investor Visa. What is this?  The EB-5 Visa program was created in 1990 by the US Congress to give foreign nationals a means to seek permanent residency by investing in the US economy. The program has an annual quota of 10,000 visas per year for… Read more >

What kind of evidence should I present in my defense? You want to demonstrate that you did not or could not have committed the infraction.  Making excuses does not help prove your innocence, so saying things like: “I was just going with the flow of traffic”, or “I didn’t know how fast I was going”… Read more >

I have heard about something called “deferral.” Is this a good way to fight my ticket? A “deferral” is not really a way to fight your ticket. Instead, it is a way to keep your driving record clean. However, the first step in a deferral is to admit that you committed the traffic infraction. How… Read more >